Sunday Stamping: Over a Saran Wrap Method Base

Hey guys!! So I decided to join the Facebook Adventures in Stamping group, and they do a stamping challenge every Sunday, this Sunday’s challenge was to stamp over a saran wrap method base. The stamp smeared a bit with my top coat, but I loved how it looked IRL!


I started with CND Stickey, then two coats of Covergirl Mint Mojito (swatched here). After that was totally dry I applied one coat of Bondi Tavern on The (a gorgeous dark green!) and dabbed with crumpled up saran wrap. (The result was really pretty, but I forgot to take pics before I stamped.)Then I used China Glaze Passion and my Drk-C plate to stamp the bamboo. Oh, and I also used the Born Pretty Store knockoff of the Konad m66 plate (review hopefully coming soon) to do a different bamboo design for my thumb, but the plate was giving me trouble. I finished up with Sally Hansen Dries Instantly top coat.

Bamboo Saran Wrap

I’m really loving this mani!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Covergirl Mint Mojito Swatch

Hello!! (I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but I’m really going to work on it!) First off, I have to say, I LOVE the Covergirl Outlast polishes! At least the ones I’ve tried so far are super opaque, buttery, and awesome. This is two coats of Mint Mojito with Sally Hansen Dries Instantly top coat. Base coat: CND Stickey.

Mint Mojito

I would describe this as less of a mint, and more of a dusty, light turquoise. (My fingers look a little yellow here lol but I was having trouble getting the green to look right!)

The Covergirl polishes have a removable cap.

Mint Mojito

Well, thanks for looking!! =) I’ll be posting my Sunday Stamping Challenge post tomorrow (or tonight after midnight!)

Simple Star-Spangled Fourth of July Nails

Happy Fourth, everyone!! =)

So, I’ve been thinking for a long time what to do for my Independence Day nails, and then last night I realized what day it was, and had no clue what to do! So I put a basecoat on my nails (CND Stickey, for anyone who’s wondering) and applied one coat of China Glaze Up All Night on my thumb and ring finger and one coat of Kleancolor Metallic Red (my favorite red! It just glows!!) on my other fingers. After that, I did a glitter gradient on the blue nails with Orchid Could’ve Foiled Me, and I followed this tutorial by Lucy at Lucy’s Stash. I finished with a coat HK Girl Top Coat from Glisten and Glow.


I really like how this turned out! So simple, but with just the right amount of bling!



Since I had so many ideas, I may do a couple more Independence Day manis this week. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and looking! =) Hope you enjoyed!