Sunday Stamping: Over a Saran Wrap Method Base

Hey guys!! So I decided to join the Facebook Adventures in Stamping group, and they do a stamping challenge every Sunday, this Sunday’s challenge was to stamp over a saran wrap method base. The stamp smeared a bit with my top coat, but I loved how it looked IRL!


I started with CND Stickey, then two coats of Covergirl Mint Mojito (swatched here). After that was totally dry I applied one coat of Bondi Tavern on The (a gorgeous dark green!) and dabbed with crumpled up saran wrap. (The result was really pretty, but I forgot to take pics before I stamped.)Then I used China Glaze Passion and my Drk-C plate to stamp the bamboo. Oh, and I also used the Born Pretty Store knockoff of the Konad m66 plate (review hopefully coming soon) to do a different bamboo design for my thumb, but the plate was giving me trouble. I finished up with Sally Hansen Dries Instantly top coat.

Bamboo Saran Wrap

I’m really loving this mani!!

Thanks for stopping by!


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